Laissez-passer applications in full swing

wordpressadmin    February 18, 2016    Comments Off on Laissez-passer applications in full swing

After busy preparations and tests, the new form of the laissez-passer issued by the European Union was launched according to schedule on November 24, 2015. This date marks the day after which hand-written travel documents are no longer accepted according to the EU legislation and in line with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

The representatives and staff members of the European Union with an international outreach, as well as under certain conditions their family members, are entitled to receive the electronic laissez-passer. This document is not only machine readable on the MRZ of the data page, but also carries a contactless chip, which bears the photo and 2 fingerprints of the holder as biometric features.

The picture below shows the new application centre in Brussels. 2 more centres are operational in Luxembourg and at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.