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laissez passer    November 27, 2018    Comments Off on EU-China-Visawaiver-News

On Monday, 29 February 2016, the European Union and the People’s Republic of China signed the EU-China short-stay visa waiver agreement for holders of diplomatic passports. This agreement will ensure visa-free travel to the EU and China for stays up to maximum 90 days (within any 180-day period) for holders of a valid diplomatic passport or EU laissez-passer. The visa-waiver… Read more »

Conférence on the new form of the laissez-passer in Brussels

laissez passer    April 26, 2016    Comments Off on Conférence on the new form of the laissez-passer in Brussels

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 9:00 – 17:00 h Conférence on the new form of the laissez-passer in Brussels Security – Interoperability – Recognition Three aspects of the modernised EU laissez-passer Hear about the legal basis, the regulatory system and international outreach, as well as the recognition of the EU laissez-passer. See the security features and how to verify them, read… Read more »

Laissez-passer applications in full swing

wordpressadmin    February 18, 2016    Comments Off on Laissez-passer applications in full swing
laissez passer office frankfurt

After busy preparations and tests, the new form of the laissez-passer issued by the European Union was launched according to schedule on November 24, 2015. This date marks the day after which hand-written travel documents are no longer accepted according to the EU legislation and in line with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The representatives and staff… Read more »

The new laissez-passer

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The European Union issues laissez-passer (LP) to its staff members that travel for service. Until now, those LPs were hand-written documents that are according to international rules no longer accepted after November 25, 2015. Therefore, the EU re-designed its documents to be compliant with international standards. The new laissez-passer will be a highly secure document with an integrated chip that… Read more »